Kirsi Harju – trumpet, vocals, composition

Teemu Kekkonen – piano

Jonathan Nagel – double bass, composition

Yoad Korach – drums

“Nordic folk music meets jazz and indie pop”

KAMA Kollektiv is the qroup around young Finnish singer and trumpet player Kirsi- Marja “Kiki” Harju. The word KAMA is Finnish for “things” or “stuff”, and it describes what the band’s music is about: the small things in life that are often so easily overlooked.The bandleader Kiki tells stories – some in Finnish, some in English – about love and transformation, forests and animals, small everyday pleasures, and a mystical, romantic view of nature on a musical tapestry. It expresses influences from melancholic Nordic atmospheres and landscapes, minimalism, folk and indie pop, as well as jazz artists like Mathias Eick. In the band’s music the soaring and poetic trumpet melodies become one with the atmospheric, yet punchy vocal melodies, and messages that display different perspectives on the world we live in. At times groovy and quirky, at other times melancholic and sentimental, the songs reflect on the confusions and challenges of our world.

We need to remember; even if things sometimes appear troublesome, there is always hope.