The first single of our new album
“As If I Lived a Different Life”

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Jazzahead Showcase, May 2021

New Single “Inventing Memories”


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A marvelously intense aural experience.

Der Neckarbote 08-2019

An appealing contrast of foreign and familiar.

Olaf Maikopf for Jazzthetic 01/02-2020

Melodious, with some harmonic surprises, overall very mature for such a young band. […] The vocals add a magical atmosphere, certainly in the Finnish parts.

Hans Invernizzi for Jazzflits, Nr. 318, 05-2019

If you wish to hear some bitter-sweet melodic tunes with a beating jazz heart, beautifully performed and delivered by an idiosyncratic voice, then much of Koti will be of interest.

Owen Davies for DPRP.net